A great green story

ArteOlio® was designed to be highly sustainable from the outset, striving for the highest quality through innovation and deep respect for the local environment. Our crop layout, precise irrigation system, and olive mill built in the heart of our fields are meticulously designed to embody a tangible realization of sustainability.

We gave everyone their rightful place

In the layout of our crops, we have positioned each plant in a perfectly orderly manner to minimize soil waste.
Thanks to this technique and regular pruning, we can optimize irrigation and mechanical harvesting to the fullest, again minimizing waste of natural resources.

United by a
life-giving stream

We employ water surgically, irrigating our plants with a capillary system that drops each droplet precisely above the olive tree roots, only when it is needed. Thanks to our extremely efficient irrigation system, we can accurately calculate the amount of water we use, minimizing waste and safeguarding our plants against the impact of climate change.

Our fields, a few steps away from our own mill

Reducing distances to cut waste and pollution: an objective we have achieved by building and operating our own olive mill right at the center of our fields.
A strategic choice that allows us to both reduce CO2 emissions and shorten the time between olive harvesting and pressing, preserving the organoleptic properties of our product to the fullest.

The highest quality, for exclusive occasions

In these foundational pillars lies our formula for creating our
premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A special product crafted from
a careful selection of the finest olives, intended for food
lovers worldwide and exclusive lifestyle occasions.