We are the supply chain

We achieve the highest standard of quality thanks to an entirely owned and self-managed supply chain that is 100% Made in Italy. Direct and constant supervision follows the entire production journey, from cultivation, through harvesting and transportation, to pressing, bottling and distributing.

From passion in the fields

We start in the fields where, thanks to meticulous land planning and our team’s expertise, we nurture plants growth, keeping them at the perfect height and distance to optimize productivity, harvesting, and transportation.

We extract the pure essence

After harvesting, our olives reach our mill within minutes.
Here, they are unloaded and washed before undergoing our leading-edge processing method.
This continuous process allows us to produce an extremely high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil that retains nutritional properties at the fullest.

To take you to the heart of exclusivity

Once bottled, our Extra Vergine Olive Oil is ready to enhance the most exclusive culinary experiences. Our product is shipped to customer all over the world, bringing our quality around the world quickly and safely.

Maremma, Tuscany: home sweet home

We chose to plant our roots in Maremma, in the heart of Tuscany region.
A land rich in history and nature, where the favorable climate
has made this territory a perfect home for olive cultivation.
Being based in Tuscany is an added value for our premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
an invaluable ingredient that we want to bring to the world through
the aromatic nuances and unique qualities of our product.