The uniqueness of ArteOlio® Prezioso

Modern sustainable farming techniques and meticulous attention at every stage of production enable us to create top-quality products, capable of enhancing every dish and delivering unforgettable taste experiences.

An experience of the highest quality

Prezioso is ArteOlio®’s premium-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, crafted from a careful selection of the finest olives. Its exquisite flavor delivers an unforgettable sensory experience, perfectly harmonizing taste, aroma, and enduring quality. A sense of genuineness, cleanliness, and delicacy that enhances the dish with a truly special touch.

Tasting notes


“Fruttato medio”: sharp and enveloping, the bouquet expresses fresh herbaceous hints, with notes of herbs, artichoke and almond standing out against the complexity of vegetal scents.


Broad and harmonious, with clear and pleasant bitter and hot notes. Pleasing complexity, with an aftertaste of artichoke and lasting vegetal notes of sweet almond and dried fruits in the final.

Culinary pairing

This splendid Extra Virgin is suitable for cold use in finishing dishes such as fish appetizers and crudités , the flavors of which it elegantly enhances. It goes very well with all kinds of vegetables, raw and cooked.
In general, it goes best with delicate dishes, where the elegance and harmony of flavors are enhanced by the medium-intensity bouquet from the vegetable hints of this exceptional blend, created to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Let’s taste to believe

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