In every single drop, ArteOlio.

In southern Tuscany, where the air has the scent of a still unspoiled land, our olive trees grow.

It is here that the fields fit perfectly into a setting formed by hilly landscapes and the islands of the Tuscan archipelago. 

From within their natural embrace springs our extra virgin olive oil. An oil of the highest quality, with a unique and distinctive taste.

In every single drop,
the art of doing it right. ArteOlio.

In every single drop, the sea, the sun, and the wind of our Tuscan home, the heart of Italy rich in its traditions, merge.

In every single drop, we treasure the secrets of an art as old as the land that welcomed us and cultivate the dream of bringing innovation to one of the most representative sectors of Made in Italy.

In every single drop, we as responsible and innovative 21st century farmers understand that technology must be put at the service of people, community, and the environment. We want to bring to life a truly sustainable agriculture that respects the planet and those who inhabit it.

Every single drop of our superior quality extra virgin olive oil is an experience of taste, fragrance, and color that tells the stories and culture of our country to the world.


The Genesis of ArteOlio

Working in olive farming means respecting the rhythms of nature and the cycle of the seasons, it also means being able to wait for the propitious moment to harvest what has been sown...

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