We, the Farmers of the 21st Century

From Seed to Dream

An idea is like an olive seedling. With the passing of the seasons, the seed turns into a sprout and the sprout into a tree. It takes passion to care and patience to wait. But, most of all, patience so that the seed survives  in the sun-beaten stones.

The same is true for ArteOlio, which, since the year of its birth in 2019, had to overcome several challenges before the idea of the two founders, Augusto Lippi and Riccardo Schiatti, could turn into reality.

The first was to search for a home, for a place in Tuscany to put down roots. We had to find uncultivated fields to reclaim, with a favorable location in terms of climate and geography, and without disrupting the ecosystem.

We found this place at the foot of Montepescali hill, near Grosseto, one of the Italian towns that enjoys the most days of sunshine per year. In this untouched area, embraced by the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west and the Apennines to the east, our farm stands today, and uncultivated fields have given way to an expanse of more than 700 hectares covered with a million olive trees. The treasures that today give us the gift of their prodigious fruit, from which we derive an oil of unique and unfailing qualities.

Liquid Gold

Extra virgin olive oil has always been a symbol of history and tradition, from the Etruscans to us. By creating ArteOlio we wanted to pay tribute to this simple yet priceless product, which alone expresses better than a thousand words everything we believe in.

It is not just a condiment,
but a core element.
The cornerstone
of Mediterranean cuisine.
An elixir of wellbeing
for body and mind.
A versatile ingredient offering almost infinite possibilities.

The Hands in the Soil, the Gaze on the Horizon

There is only one way we conceive of making oil. With love for nature, the soil, the plants, and for all of the steps in a process that requires precision, skill, and expertise in every single detail. This is, for us, "the art of doing it right", and our artists are the staff who work in the fields every day, making sure our olive trees grow lush and undisturbed. They are the eyes and hands of ArteOlio; eyes that watch over our most precious resource and the sustainability of our enterprise, and hands that gratefully collect what the land offers us and turn it into a masterpiece.

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ArteOlio Numbers



The founding year of ArteOlio.


Hectares on which our olive production spreads in southern Tuscany.

1 mln

Olive trees we planted and cultivated with care and dedication.

Our Statement

In every single drop the sea, the sun, and the wind of our Tuscan home, the heart of Italy rich in its traditions, merge…

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The Mission that Guides Us

We cultivate the land and take care of all production stages, combining tradition and innovation to create an excellent extra virgin oil that is truly sustainable.

The Vision that Inspires Us

We aim to create unique products that bring the elegance, flavors, and fragrances of our landItaly ー to tables around the world.

The Values that Make Us Unique

Passion, Elegance, Sustainability, and Taste of an oil that is born in Tuscany, in the heart of Italy.

Don’t Lose the Thread

ArteOlio is an idea that, through patience and perseverance, has blossomed, giving birth to a project that is only now taking its first steps. It is a story in progress that mutates, morphs and evolves. Join us and let's write it together. Don't miss the next stages of the journey.

The opening of our oil mill 4.0

We are in the process of building it and soon we will be able to reveal it to you. The place where the magic of oil comes to life!

The first extraction

Extracting is an experience that involves all the senses, and we want to make you a part of it. Are you ready to dive right in?

ArteOlio Limited Edition 2023

To make this moment even more memorable, we have created an even more exclusive package that stops time and becomes a historical heirloom.

Our Oil Artists

Our habitat is the countryside; oil is our vocation. Every day we have the privilege of attending the spectacle of nature's renewal from the front line.

ArteOlio, Nice to Meet You. And You?

Write to us and tell us who you are and what we can do for you. Are you looking for special information? Would you like to visit us? We look forward to helping you!

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