We are ArteOlio®

We are located in Maremma, in the heart of Tuscany, between the sea and the hills surrounding Grosseto, where climate and soil create an ideal landscape for olive cultivation. It’s a captivating territory where we have taken root, making it the primary resource at the core of our quality.

Designed for innovation

Here, we have settled with the goal of blending the Italian olive-growing tradition and territoriality with a modern vision centered on sustainability and innovation, to export a unique and exclusive Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the world.

Our values


We have chosen the most innovative techniques and the most cutting-edge technologies to obtain a superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, exclusively with olives grown in Italy.


Bringing an innovative outlook to the world of olive farming, free from the constraints of tradition. A model that respects social and environmental sustainability, as also legally ingrained in our by-laws, making us a Benefit Company.


A group of passionate experts that brings together individuals specialized in different branches, from agronomy to blending, who work in the field every day to ensure that each plant grows along the best path.

we believe in Benefit

ArteOlio® is a Benefit Company, having a legal commitment to pursue a responsible, sustainable and transparent business model. This choice explicitly states our commitment to a philosophy that balances our company’s needs with the interests of those upon whom our activities may have an impact.