We, the Farmers of the 21st Century

Our farm was born in 2019 from the vision of founders Riccardo Schiatti and Augusto Lippi, who saw in the uncultivated fields of Tuscany a sea of opportunity for the territory and local communities. Now from that rugged land has risen a dream spanning more than seven hundred hectares with more than a million olive trees.

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In Every Single Drop, ArteOlio.

Passion, Elegance, Sustainability and Taste of an oil that is born in Tuscany, in the heart of Italy.

A Distillation of Knowledge and Flavor

Just like freshly squeezed

The oil mill is located only a few steps from our grove of olive trees. In this way, the olives can be transported quickly to the extraction site while keeping intact the properties that make them unique. This is the only way we can bring you the flavor of our freshly harvested olives.

We preserve purity

When oil comes into contact with air and other atmospheric agents, its essence and purity are compromised. That's why we make sure that no trace of oxygen remains inside our bottles. Finally, we seal them with nitrogen to preserve taste, aroma, and color until you release their valuable content.

Pioneering agriculture

The land, the weather, the seasons... for our farmers, nature is a master in art and life. To protect it, we have introduced technologies that enable us to monitor the health of the soil and crops. If there is a threat, we are able to intervene promptly and avoid wasting resources in an environmentally friendly way.

Tuscany and Love for the Territory

We are located in the heart of Maremma, on the slopes of Montepescali hill, where, throughout the year, the sun floods and nourishes our olive trees with its rays. An area that the Etruscans had already chosen as the cradle of olive growing because of its prodigious qualities. Here we carry on tradition and cherish values that only a privileged bond with nature can inspire.


Sustainability and Love For the Earth

We don't want to just harvest the legacy of those who came before us, but to preserve our natural heritage for those who will come after us. That is why we have reworked local tradition by incorporating innovative agricultural practices that protect the environment.

Don’t Lose the Thread

ArteOlio is an idea that, through patience and perseverance, has blossomed, giving birth to a project that is only now taking its first steps. It is a story in progress that mutates, morphs and evolves. Join us and let's write it together. Don't miss the next stages of the journey.

ArteOlio, Nice to Meet You. And You?

Write to us and tell us who you are and what we can do for you. Are you looking for special information? Would you like to visit us? We look forward to helping you!

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